Raid Times

Raider Tuesday: 6:45—10pm

All Gladius Raiders are Welcome, including new recruits!

Heroic Raider Wednesday: 6:45—10pm

Heroic Raiders and up. See: Tiered Raid Invites by Guild Rank

Mythic Raider Thursday: 6:45—10pm

Mythic Raiders only. See: Tiered Raid Invites by Guild Rank

*All times listed above are based on Terenas’ Server Time, aka Mountain Time.


Philosophy: Tiered Raid Invites by Guild Rank

The system was developed to do two things:
1. Maintain our relaxed nature and invite everyone who wants to raid to a friendly gaming experience once a week.
2. Push progression as much as possible by limiting raid invites Wednesday and even more so on Thursday.

Implementing this sort of system is an attempt to give the guild the best of both worlds: casual on Tuesday, hardcore on Thursday and some sort of blend on Wednesday.

Raider Ranks are based on a raider’s raid performance in two categories; the meters (dps/hps) and dancing skills (do you stand in bad?) Inevitably your ranking is up to the discretion of the officer core, in large part it is up to your role leader. Ranks are not based on time in guild, however it may take a few weeks for the officers to examine a new recruit’s abilities, or to notice an improvement in your play style.

We also reserve the right to vary from this system and invite one or two lower ranked members if at any time, it benefits the raid at the discretion of the raid leader.

Our intent is to provide our undergeared newblets an entry point to raiding and a clear path to advance in the guild, as well as giving our over-geared veterans a chance to progress each week without it feeling arbitrary or malicious that someone didn’t get an invite to a particularly difficult raid on Thursday.

We will see what you have on Tuesday, put you to the test when your ready on Wednesday, and give it all we have on Thursday every week. May all your loot be legendary.