Guild Rules

The Guild:

We are a hard-core/casual raiding guild focused on having fun & progressing, preferably at the same time. We take pride in leveraging the best of both worlds to kill raid bosses. It’s just a game. It’s just a game we take seriously. Not so much that we’ll laugh at you if you die in the fire… again. Well okay — maybe, but it’s all in good fun right?

We are a family guild with a late-night edge. GdD expects good solid play from each raider, research to learn your character, flexibility in what duties you are asked to perform and civility between members at all times. Our best members are those that enjoy helping other guild members progress. It is common for GdD members to pass on minor upgrades simply because that item is more of an upgrade for someone else.

General Guild Rules:

  • The Golden Rule. Treat others as you would have them treat you.
  • 30 days of inactivity can result in demotion to the lowest level. We do not boot people from the guild for inactivity.
  • Begging in Guild chat is not allowed.
  • Drama and disrespect will not be tolerated.
  • If you are removed from guild for cause: your boyfriend/girlfriend & friend/family may get removed as a result.
  • Maintain appropriate behavior when children are online.

Raid Policies:

  • Please feel free to mute your microphone in raid unless you’re required to speak.
  • If you have a suggestion to make about an encounter, please do so in the forums.
  • If you want to raid with us there are some software requirements:
  • Any interference or disruption of scheduled events is strictly prohibited.
  • Scheduled Raid Times are: Tuesdays Wednesdays & Thursdays (6:45 – 10:00 PM Server Time).
  • Attendance is not mandatory.
  • Raid spots are not guaranteed, we reserve the right to ask anyone to step out for any reason.
  • Any patterns that drop will be given to the designated Guild Profession Master if they need it.


Raid Invites by Rank

Flex raiding changes everything. We are currently utilizing a new raid invite policy. Ranks are based on raid performance. We have 3 raider ranks: Raider, Elite Raider, and Heroic Raider (Officers are considered the same as Heroic Raiders). On Tuesdays: All Raider rank players and higher will receive raid invites, Wednesday: Elite Raider and higher, Thursday: Heroic Raiders only. The system was developed to maintain our relaxed nature on Tuesday while pushing progression as much as possible through the week. It will make more sense and work a bit smoother once the new x-pack is released and flex raiding is the norm. This is an attempt to give the guild the best of both worlds: casual and hardcore. It’s up to you what nights you raid – get geared up, learn the fights, preform well and we’ll promote you. There is no set number of available spots per rank, if everyone makes it to heroic raider – everyone is eligible to raid on all 3 nights. Raid balance may require variation from this system. It is perfectly acceptable for Raiders to organize raids on the nights you know your not getting into the “main” run. Leading such a raid will get you noticed for a promotion immediately.

If you have any questions about raid invites or ranks please speak to a one of our Guild Masters: Vargen, Tassadar aka Peng, or Patches.

DKP is Dead

We have officially retired our DKP system. Most loot will be distributed with the new flex loot system and no rolls or DKP are needed. All loot that isn’t covered by flex loot will be distributed by /roll 100, need before greed style. Rolls may or may not be managed by a master looter, it is up to the raid leader.